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China Eastern Airlines (Beijing) Airplane Maintenance Depot
Project Name: China Eastern Airlines(Beijing) Airplane Maintenance Depot Project location: Beijing Capital International Airport Project Overview: The support base project of China Eastern Airlines(Beijing) is one of the key construction projects of China Eastern Airlines in Beijing. The project is located in the 26th block of Shunyi District, Beijing, with its eastern border extending the airport's north line, and its southern border extending to No.3 road in the bonded functional zone. To its west is the planned road and to its north is the south side road of the airport's north line. The planned area is 44.014 mu, of which 79,226 square meters above ground and 34474.2 square meters underground. The total investment of the project is about 720 million yuan. The maintenance depot is the focus of the project.
COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages (HLJ) Co., Ltd. Production Plant Project
Project Name: COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages (HLJ) Co., Ltd. Relocation and Expansion Project Project Location: South Harbin New Industry Zone, Harbin Project Overview: The project has a construction area of 200,000 square meters, a total investment of 740 million yuan, and a designed production capacity of 600,000 t/a. This plant is the company's largest production base in the Northeast. The use of our products ensures the operating conditions of the entire heating period and the working environment of the employees.?
Harbin Budweiser Beer Museum
Project Name: Harbin Budweiser Beer Museum Project Location: Pingfang District, Harbin Project Overview: The Harbin Beer Museum reviews and displays the industrial development of Chinese beer and the urban development of Harbin City. Its investment and scale are the largest among the domestic beer industry. It uses innovative high-tech and multimedia devices to allow the audiences to interactively experience the profound heritage of beer and leaves them a fantastic impression of the brand.
China Southern Airlines' Shenyang Airplane Maintenance Base No. 2 Hangar Renovation Project
Project Name: China Southern Airlines' Shenyang Airplane Maintenance Base No. 2 Hangar Renovation Project Project Location: Taoxian Airport, Shenyang Project Overview: This project is located at Taoxian Airport in Shenyang, with a construction area of 6039 square meters. This project renovates only the heating system. Other existing equipment and facilities in the hangar will not be adjusted, only the removal of old heating equipment and the purchase and installation of new equipment. Therefore, in addition to carefully consider the conventional characteristics of the hangar, we must also maintain the original condition of other existing equipment and facilities.?
BMW Brilliance Shenyang Logistics Distribution Center
Project Name: BMW Brilliance Shenyang Logistics Distribution Center Project Location: Dapan Town, Tiexi District, Shenyang Project Overview: This project is located in Dapan Town, Tiexi District, Shenyang. The two single-story warehouses RDC1 and RDC2 have building areas of 15,400 square meters and 10,300 square meters, respectively, with a height of 12.3 meters.In addition to storage areas and tally areas, three-story loft-style shelves are placed in the RDC1 warehouse and 7.4-meter high shelves are placed in the RDC2 warehouse. Same as for the BMW factory in Regensburg, Germany, we have chosen for this project ECOPAN infrared hot water radiant panels, which not only meets the heating requirements in the warehouse, but also ensures the safety, quietness, comfort and beauty of the warehouse. The high quality of ECOPAN infrared hot water radiant panels has won unanimous praise from BMW's German and Chinese management.


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Beijing Leadway Power Co., Ltd

Beijing Leadway Power Co., Ltd. is a company that provides environmentally friendly products and technological services to our customers. The company was founded in Beijing in 2011 and have subsidiaries in Tianjin, Xiongan, and Shanghai. We are committed to promote the application of infrared radiation heating in China. Our one-stop service system includes R&D, design, production, sales, installation, and after-sales.

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Beijing Leadway Power Co., Ltd

  • Room2210, 11 Building, Nuode center, N.128 South 4th Ring west road, Fengtai district, Beijing, 100160, China
  • Postcode:100160
  • Tel:010-53033961
  • Fax:010-53033963
  • Contact email:sales@leadwaypower.com
  • WeChat
  • Mobile
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